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SD HERS performs onsite inspections and diagnostic tests. Once your project passes these tests, SD HERS will electronically file your HERS verification paperwork. We also provide you a copy of the completed forms. You must present the completed forms at the final building inspection with your city or county building department.


Title 24 HERS Verification


Residential HERS Testing


Mechanical Acceptance Testing


This company is great. The HERS test was conducted very professionally. Rafid was very easy to work with. He was very flexible with scheduling, on time, friendly, and overall very professional. I would definitely reach out to him again in the future and highly recommend his services.

Carlos Donado

Rafi, was extremely accommodating, I explained that I needed this to finish my addition. He scheduled me a day after, but when he had a cancellation called me and was at my house within the hour. He explained what was taking place and made the process understandable and painless. Thank you Rafi! Give them a call you will be pleased with the professional services they provide!

Jordan Means

Rafid did an outstanding job when I requested HERS test. Communication was amazing and very professional. Rafid was on top of things for any issues that arise prior to and post the inspection. I would recommend his services.

Daniel C.

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